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Dance video from Portugal

As hobby I keep doing videos from travels and this one is from Portugal, where we have been with our friends.

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Harlem Shake (Karjala Edition)

The New Year 2015 we met with a funny video of us doing our version of famous Harlem Shake. We are the bunch of good friends, everybody has a great personality, and we decided to express it in this hilarious video. We liked it. Do you?

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Humorous video about engaged couple

Andrey and Julia got married in the summer 2012. We did this humorous video to make fun about their relationship. Even the video is in Russian language I hope you will understand the idea.

In the beginning Andrey (the groom) tells how he loves Julia (the bride), how beautiful, smart and kind she is… When camera “goes back” we see that Julia is holding the paper with Andrey’s speech and yells at him that he said the line wrong again. Angry she leaves the scene. And we can see how Andrey is dressed.

In this video you will see the official and the behind-the-scene part of the video.

Я сразу понял from Evgenia Molchina on Vimeo.

Again it was done for fun. In real life they are the sweetest couple in the world. I think it is great when a couple can make fun about their relationship like Andrey and Julia did!

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Muskegon River Watershed Assembly

MRWA Video project

In 2011 I participated in Instructional Design project for Muskeagon River Watershed Assembly, Michigan, USA.

The video produced by me and my colleague at Television Production Program features a step-by-step guide and demonstrates and explaining why it is necessary and the ways to use the collected water. A variety of media, including photos, text, and graphics, explains stages, issues and their solutions, and shows the process how the project was implemented on FSU Campus using clear images and direct language.

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FSU Athletics logo

I animated this logo for Ferris State University Athletics video project in 2011 done by Zack Foster and Corey Underwood.

Intro for FSU Athletics promotional video from Evgenia Molchina on Vimeo.

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Ferris In Focus TV Show

Ferris in Focus is a half hour show designed by senior students enrolled in Television and Digital Media Production degree program at Ferris State University, MI, USA. I was lucky to be a part of a great senior students team in the Spring 2011 semester. Continue reading

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E-News, Ferris in Focus TV show

This is my favorite video project done at Ferris State University. As being a part of Ferris in Focus TV show it represent entertaining news about the latest celebrities updates, movies or any events would be interesting for viewers. I was a producer of this video. The whole TV Show with this segment you can see here.

E-News from Evgenia Molchina on Vimeo.

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Program Highlights for Ferris State University

In 2011 I had an opportunity to participate in a TV show production where we highlighted one of the degree programs at Ferris State University, USA Automotive Engineering Technology Program.

Automotive Engineering Technology Program from Evgenia Molchina on Vimeo.

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Winter Holidays of Different Cultures

I was so proud to produce this TV show because I got a nice topic and a Finnish young woman to talk about Finnish way to celebrate winter holidays. Thanks a lot to all my guests and TV production crew team and of course Ferris State University.

Expect Diversity (Holiday) from FerrisState TV on Vimeo.

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Student Life TV show

This is my first TV show I have produced at Ferris State University, USA in 2010.

FSU Student Life 10.14.2010 from FerrisState TV on Vimeo.

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