TV4 visit in Sweden

In June 2016 Evgenia Visited TV4 Headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden. TV4 is a Swedish television network, the largest commercial tv company and has delivered engaging news, grand entertainment of great variety and quality, live sport and top-class drama to Swedish viewers for over 25 years. MTV Oy and TV4 belong to the same Bonier Corporation.

Short Facts 2016:
– TV4 is Sweden’s largest TV channel in the main target group 15-64 years with a 21,1 per cent share of total viewing.
– The TV4 Group is Sweden’s largest tv house in the same target group, with a 31 per cent share of total viewing in Sweden.
– TV4 Play has around 2,5 millions users registered and offers the very best of both entertainment and news – all for free.

Visit to Bonnier, TV4 & C More. Image courtezy of Mia Kantakoski

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