Employee of the Month, August 2015

New record in web site visitors 2015

New record in site visitors, MTV Superdesk 2015

The year 2015 is the year of the new records for MTV.fi in visitors and content consuming. It is so great to be a part of a successful company and help with all your energy and passion.

In August 2015 I have been honoured with a reward of Employee of The Month in the MTV News department, the heart of MTV.fi content. I received some pleasant comments from Jyrki Huotari, MTV Managing Editor, and other members of the board. I was very thankful for this appreciation and glad to continue to perform the best I can.

In English:

Analyst Evgenia Molchina is an important link between the editorial stuff and the consumer. On the basis of the daily data provided by Evgenia, we know where and how MTV.fi content has been consumed. User data is a vital information for multi-media company, which wants to serve the most demanding digital audience.

In Finnish, original:

Analyytikko Evgenia Molchina on tärkeä linkki toimituksen ja kuluttajan välissä. Evgenian tuottaman päivittäisen datan perusteella tiedämme missä ja miten MTV.fin sisältöjä kulutetaan. Käyttäjätieto on elintärkeää palvelulle, joka haluaa palvella parhaiten vaativaa digitaalista yleisöä.

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