Google Mobile App Analytics Individual Qualification

Google Mobile App AnalyticsI have completed Google Analytics Academy’s Mobile App Analytics Fundamentals course and received the certificate of completion. Course helped me to better understand how to get started with mobile app tracking, how statistics of app visitors data can be used to attract new users, measure their behavior, and improve mobile app monetization.

I have learned about mobile app tracking tools, how to promote the app through different acquisition channels (banners and display advertising, search engine marketing, e-mails, remarketing) and how to identify characteristics of high- and low-value users. Mobile App Analytics help to identify roadblocks and technical difficulties in the app, design marketing campaigns to re-engage existing app users and reach new users on the web.

By tracking key performance indicators (KPI) data, we can better understand how users engage with the app and identify opportunities to transform low-value users to high-value users.

Evgenia Molchina Mobile App Analytics Certificate


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