Google AdWords Individual Qualification

I have completed Google AdWords test and achieved my Individual Qualification!

Evgenia Molchina is Google AdWords Qualified Individual

AdWords is an online advertising product and Google’s main course of revenue. The test I have taken consisted of two parts. Each part lasted about 2 hours and included 100 questions about campaign management, targeting (keywords, site, language and location), budget, pricing (CPC, CPM, CPA), bidding, measurement and optimization for text, banner and rich-media ads. With Google AdWords it is possible measure performance of the campaigns or web site, its profitability and growth. 

I learned a lot of new about online advertising. I was amazed that search engine text advertising is actually true and not a spam at all, how pricing and targeting is flexible and fair. The quality is taking higher in online advertising. And I am glad I am a part on Online Business industry.

Hello Evgenia,

Congratulations! You are now Individually Qualified with Google AdWords.

Google AdWords Certification Team

You can see my certificate here:

Evgenia Molchina Google Adwords Qualification Certificate

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