Russian Ambassador in Finland Reception

Evgenia Molchina Russian Ambassador in Helsinki, Finland2014

Evgenia Molchina and Russian Ambassador in Helsinki, Finland

In June 2014 I visited Russian Ambassador reception at the Embassy of Russia in Finland. The occasion was dedicated to the Day of Russia, or The Independence Day of Russia.

Among the invited people were persons doing different kind of business with Russia, art and philanthropy people, as well as Finnish politicians (ex. Pekka Haavisto, Timo Soini, etc.) . The food was served with Russian cuisine, from shots of crystal clean vodka and red caviar to the smoky shashlyk fresh cooked in the yard of the Embassy.

The weather was great and the atmosphere at the reception was official but still friendly and nice. The Ambassador of Russia in Finland is Alexandr Rumyantsev.

Evgenia Molchina at Russian Embassy in Helsinki, Finland

Evgenia Molchina shakes hands with Ambassador at Russian Embassy in Helsinki, Finland

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