Humorous video about engaged couple

Andrey and Julia got married in the summer 2012. We did this humorous video to make fun about their relationship. Even the video is in Russian language I hope you will understand the idea.

In the beginning Andrey (the groom) tells how he loves Julia (the bride), how beautiful, smart and kind she is… When camera “goes back” we see that Julia is holding the paper with Andrey’s speech and yells at him that he said the line wrong again. Angry she leaves the scene. And we can see how Andrey is dressed.

In this video you will see the official and the behind-the-scene part of the video.

Я сразу понял from Evgenia Molchina on Vimeo.

Again it was done for fun. In real life they are the sweetest couple in the world. I think it is great when a couple can make fun about their relationship like Andrey and Julia did!

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