Article in Pioneer newspaper

In the fall 2010 we were exchange students at Ferris State University, Michigan USA.
Local newspaper Pioneer wrote a big article about me and my husband.

Pioneer, The (Big Rapids, MI)
Author: Brad Klosner; Pioneer Staff Writer
October 16, 2010

Although thousands of miles and a large expanse of water separate our homelands, I met a couple this week that made me appreciate the place I call my home.

Evgenia Molchina and Dmitry Molchin have been living in Big Rapids since August, when they came on an exchange program from a university close to Helsinki, Finland. They are originally from Olonets, Russia and have been keeping a photographic journal of their adventure in mid-Michigan. They have been sending photos to friends and family across the Atlantic since they moved here. With little formal training in photography, the couple have a natural photographic eye and have portrayed Big Rapids.

You can see the screenshots of that newspaper here:

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